Edge-corE Networks Company is a fully owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Establishment, the top network ODM.  Edge-corE Networks offers wireless & wired networking products & solutions via channel partners & system integrators globally for enterprise, service provider, data center, and SMB clients.  Edgecore Networks is the forerunner in open networking offering a complete range of 10GbE, 1GbE, 25GbE, 50GbE, 40GbE, & 100GbE open & OCP switches which propose a choice of NOS & SDN software for telecommunications, plus enterprise network & data center, use cases.

the company slogan is “CHANGING THE WAY THE GLOBE BONDS”. Edgecore Networks provides converged, scalable, networking solutions to best meet various client requirements & targeting telecommunication service providers, data centers, enterprise & managed service providers.


The expansion of cloud computation & the Internet of Things, together with the growth of open-source communities & technologies, is converting how IT is delivered, developed, & used by consumers & businesses.

Edgecore Networks offers networking solutions in an environment of commercial partners & open-source communities, based upon open software & hardware platforms that boost freedom, choice, greater control, quicken & encourage innovation, lower TCO, & promote innovative business models.

Edgecore Networks delivers & develops industry-leading open networking software & hardware products for enterprises, managed service providers, data centers, & telecommunications service providers.

Edgecore Networks is a leader in the open networking ecosystem, providing total solutions to clients with an extensive set of partners.

Edge-corE Networks

It provides leading open network hardware, controlling silicon from leading sellers. It is a leading network provider to present open-source software communities as well as OCP, TIP, ONF, DENT & Microsoft Sonic.

This leading hardware network partner to present commercial software partners for SDN, NOS, NFV, & instrumentation. Develops value-added software functions for top open-software platforms. Supports & Delivers solutions via leading integrators, channel partners, and solution providers.

Headquartered in northern Taiwan in the Hsinchu Science Park, Edgecore Networks was launched in 2004 & officially spun-off in 2010 into an autonomous subsidiary liable for world-wide branded business since the Accton Technology Group with a worldwide presence in the UK, US, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, India & Indonesia.

The basic viewpoint of Edgecore Networks is to offer professional wireless & wired solutions from the core to the edge.  With a solid focus on full solutions that produce value for clients & assist with achieving the possibility of the digital-network culture, Edgecore Networks provides a wide product selection covering switching 100G/400G/10G/40G/GE, wireless enterprise-level, & network management devices.  They offer industry-leading commodities that tackle customers’ network needs in diverse market segments from core switches, data center switches, access switches, network infrastructure, & outdoor/indoor wireless access points.

They shape the Internet future by creating unparalleled value & opportunity for our clients, investors, employees, & ecosystem partners. They transform how individuals collaborate & communicate in this connected world.

Edgecore offers cell site gateways for implementation at cell sites else as foremost aggregation points for numerous cell sites, & deep buffer switches for accumulation in the mobile backhaul network. Over the past 7 years numerous significant contributions to OCP Networking Project.

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