Dell Technologies brings together the joint competencies of brands & businesses to help the clients keeping pace with the digital revolution to speed up their own success. As a mixture of digital experts, they deliver actual results for clients across a range of industries.

Dell offers today’s staff what they require is to rigidly connect, produce, & work together, wherever at any time. Prize-winning laptops, desktops, 2-in-1s & thin buyers; influential workstations & rugged devices constructed for specific environments, in addition to monitors, endpoint & docking security solutions & services, workers get just what they require to work the way they desire.

About Dell

It is an American international PC technology firm that sells, develops, repairs, & supports PCs & associated services & products. Named after its creator, Michael Dell, the firm is one of the largest technology corporations in the globe, hiring over 165,000 people in U.S. & all over the globe. It is one of the largest PC product firms in the world.

Dell sells entire solutions for business clients

It sells data storage devices, software, printer’s personal computers (PCs), servers, network switches, cameras, computer peripherals, HDTVs, & electronics created by other companies. The firm is renowned for its inventions in electronic commerce & supply chain management, mainly its direct-sales model plus its “configure to order” or “build-to-order” approach to producing —delivering Personal PCs configured to client specifications. It was a complete hardware supplier for much of its existence, still by the acquirement in 2009 of Perot Systems, it got into the market in IT services. The firm has since built added procurements in networking systems & storage, with the objective of growing their range from offering PCs just to supplying complete solutions for enterprise clients.

It is the biggest transporter of PC monitors globally. it is the 6th- leading firm in Texas with whole revenue, as per Fortune magazine. In 2015, It purchased the enterprise technology company EMC Corporation, following the accomplishment of the buying, Dell & EMC became departments of Dell Technologies. As a part of Dell Technologies Dell EMC focus on data storage, information security, analytics, cloud computing, virtualization, & other related services & products.


Dell grew beyond laptops & desktop computers by selling servers, beginning with low-end servers. The main 3 providers of servers at that time were Hewlett-Packard, IBM, & Compaq, several of which were based upon branded technology, for instance, Power4 microprocessors of IBM or numerous branded versions of the UNIX operating system. its new servers PowerEdge did not need the main investment in branded technologies,

the initial acquisition happened in 1999 with the buying of ConvergeNet Technologies for $332 million, when It failed to grow an enterprise in-house storage system; ConvergeNet’s sophisticated but complicated technology did not fit in my its commodity- manufacturer business model, compelling Dell to note down the full value of the acquirement.

In 2002, Dell extended its product line to contain handhelds, televisions, digital printers & audio players. CEO and Chairman Michael Dell had frequently blocked President also COO Kevin Rollins’s effort to reduce the company’s heavy dependence on PCs, which Rollins needed to fix by purchasing EMC Corporation.

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