Wireless Monitor Airlink101 is a software program built by Airlink 101. When being set up, the software adds a Windows Service that is created to run nonstop in the background. … Comparative to the general usage of customers who get this fixed on their PCs, most are operating Windows 7 (SP1) & Windows XP.

  • You need to do the below steps to access the Airlink101 AR695W:
  • Switch on the router.
  • Establish the connection between the router and the device through Wi-Fi* or network wire.
  • Starting web browser.
  • Write IP address into the address box & later approve with the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Write passkey into the open interface & once more confirm.

How to set up the Airlink router?

  • Login Airlink Router
  • To your Computer or Laptop Connect router cable. Instead, use the wireless network.
  • Visit the web browser of preference & write the IP address of your Airlink router into the address box. …
  • Now write the default username & passkey of your router by log on to the admin panel.

Airlink101 routers Default settings

Now you will notice the blends of username & password & IP address, which are most frequently used as the Airlink101 router’s default for accessing the user interface. However, you may notice the normal settings of each accessible router version from the constructer on this website. You just need to choose any of the versions.

Where to look for the brands name of your router?

Airlink101 routers the brand name of is mostly written on the label on the gadget. In many cases, you may find this sticker on the bottom or back of the case.

If you have an Airlink101 brand that is not above listed, simply call the manufacturer. They will try to help you in finding the missing info as early as possible.

User guides for Airlink101 routers

If you are doubtful about how to operate some settings you may verify the user guides for the Airlink101 router, simply find your exclusive router from the below list & you will even find the guidebooks for that model. They are continuously trying to expand the guidebook library for Airlink101 routers to make sure that you will find what you want. If few certain models are missing the handbook, just contact them and ask for it.

What specific Airlink101 model do you own?

To ascertain the Airlink101 router model you own, you may verify the label, which is mostly found on the rear of the router or underneath it.

The label mostly comprises the “MODEL” label along with the model number. If you need the exact version of the router the “P/N” number must comprise more information. While you have the number write it below to filter & know your model.

Use the links on this webpage for downloading the newest version of Airlink101 Wireless drivers of N USB Adapter. All available drivers for downloading have been inspected by the antivirus program. Just select the related version as per the computer’s operating system & hit the download key.

Alfa Network

Alfa Network is a worldwide well-known company renowned for the manufacture of world-class Wi-Fi adapters. From the corporate world to the cyber world, they offer their clients world-class network Solutions.

Alfa Network is a powerful & complete device that allows amongst various features to reallocate a wireless connection to allocate it with all the wireless devices (tablets, smartphones, PCs, etc.).

ALFA Networks based in Taiwan manufactures network components. Particularly in the Wi-Fi field. ALFA Networks provides an extremely interesting & broad variety of products. The Wi-Fi components are branded by high compatibility through diverse operating systems, high functionality & great quality.

Setup Guide: Alfa Network as range extender

To utilize the Alfa Network router in combination with one of the stated Wi-Fi USB adapters it may be essential to execute an update of the firmware of the Alfa Network.

1) Connect the ALFA R36 to your notebook or PC through Ethernet network wire.

  • Hence just connect the Ethernet port of the PC immediately to the LAN connector of R36. It is fixed on the flipside near to power connector. The early configuration requires to be made through network wire. Next on the administration might even be done via Wi-Fi.

2) To the USB port of ALFA R36 Connect the Wi-Fi USB connector.

  • To verify if an update is required, just login into the admin panel of ALFA R36. Hence please launch a web browser of your preference & write in the address box the ALFA R36 IP-address. It is fixed as per standard:

Username & passkey are set as per standard on the below value.

  • Passkey: admin
  • Username: admin

There is no requirement for adaptation of the firmware type if the required version is installed already.

The firmware update works only if R36 is linked through a network LAN cable. The configuration later on the administration may even be made via Wi-Fi.

  • In the admin panel of R36 in “Firmware Update” now click on key “search”, select the file R36-ALFA-al-2.32.img that you have downloaded. Fix a tick on “Load Factory Defaults” then hit “Upload”. Now one more time you have to verify the firmware update. It may take around 5 minutes until the firmware gets updated & the device is again booted. At this time just do not cut off the power supply of the device. Once R36 is struck again you will quickly land again on the admin panel.

3) Now the R36 may be configured.

  • Hence just select the admin panel “Easy Setup” & then click “Wireless USB Adapter”.
  • Just hit now “Site Survey”.
  • Simply select here the network you wish to be attached with & then hit “Select”.
  • In case the Wi-Fi network you wish to link with is encoded, just write in the key of the Wi-Fi network in a passphrase in security style. If the Wi-Fi network is not encoded simply leave out the final step. Now hit “Next”.
  • Now the ALFA R36 is linked to the outside Wi-Fi network thru the attached Wi-Fi USB adapter.


Dell Technologies brings together the joint competencies of brands & businesses to help the clients keeping pace with the digital revolution to speed up their own success. As a mixture of digital experts, they deliver actual results for clients across a range of industries.

Dell offers today’s staff what they require is to rigidly connect, produce, & work together, wherever at any time. Prize-winning laptops, desktops, 2-in-1s & thin buyers; influential workstations & rugged devices constructed for specific environments, in addition to monitors, endpoint & docking security solutions & services, workers get just what they require to work the way they desire.

About Dell

It is an American international PC technology firm that sells, develops, repairs, & supports PCs & associated services & products. Named after its creator, Michael Dell, the firm is one of the largest technology corporations in the globe, hiring over 165,000 people in U.S. & all over the globe. It is one of the largest PC product firms in the world.

Dell sells entire solutions for business clients

It sells data storage devices, software, printer’s personal computers (PCs), servers, network switches, cameras, computer peripherals, HDTVs, & electronics created by other companies. The firm is renowned for its inventions in electronic commerce & supply chain management, mainly its direct-sales model plus its “configure to order” or “build-to-order” approach to producing —delivering Personal PCs configured to client specifications. It was a complete hardware supplier for much of its existence, still by the acquirement in 2009 of Perot Systems, it got into the market in IT services. The firm has since built added procurements in networking systems & storage, with the objective of growing their range from offering PCs just to supplying complete solutions for enterprise clients.

It is the biggest transporter of PC monitors globally. it is the 6th- leading firm in Texas with whole revenue, as per Fortune magazine. In 2015, It purchased the enterprise technology company EMC Corporation, following the accomplishment of the buying, Dell & EMC became departments of Dell Technologies. As a part of Dell Technologies Dell EMC focus on data storage, information security, analytics, cloud computing, virtualization, & other related services & products.


Dell grew beyond laptops & desktop computers by selling servers, beginning with low-end servers. The main 3 providers of servers at that time were Hewlett-Packard, IBM, & Compaq, several of which were based upon branded technology, for instance, Power4 microprocessors of IBM or numerous branded versions of the UNIX operating system. its new servers PowerEdge did not need the main investment in branded technologies,

the initial acquisition happened in 1999 with the buying of ConvergeNet Technologies for $332 million, when It failed to grow an enterprise in-house storage system; ConvergeNet’s sophisticated but complicated technology did not fit in my its commodity- manufacturer business model, compelling Dell to note down the full value of the acquirement.

In 2002, Dell extended its product line to contain handhelds, televisions, digital printers & audio players. CEO and Chairman Michael Dell had frequently blocked President also COO Kevin Rollins’s effort to reduce the company’s heavy dependence on PCs, which Rollins needed to fix by purchasing EMC Corporation.


Since the establishment of Edimax’s in 1986, they have developed to be one of the world’s top manufacturers of future network communication products. Edimax Technology is committed to the development, design, marketing and manufacture, of a comprehensive array of networking solutions. Their success is based upon a positive corporate image & the constant growth of the partner channel networks. The firm’s main values comprise professional R&D, quality service, & innovation. Headquartered in Taiwan Edimax has been listed since 2001 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with constant year-on-year revenue increase. Edimax received ISO 9001 & ISO 14000 certification in 2003, and in 2014 was rated in the best 35 most prized international Taiwanese labels by Interbrand.

International Offices

Edimax’s world-wide offices cover throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. The firm has branches in Romania, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom, California, Poland, Germany, France, India, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Spain, China, Italy, and Hong Kong & Singapore. Edimax at present serves more than 70 nations via global distribution channels. Due to their international distribution offices & centers, they are capable of offering apt logistic services & support to clients all over the world. Edimax selects its clients and makes a combined effort to fulfill all their global & local networking requirements.

Research & Development Edimax

Edimax’s China and Taiwan-based R&D team includes more than 200 staff members. Such a professional & solid engineering team has paid to the success in making innovative products to understand the ever-changing demands of the market. They are continuously rising investment in their R&D centers to strengthen the capacity to develop products & solutions which are really class-leading. Edimax products are all FCC, CE, & C-Tick discharge certified. Their wireless 802.11n & 802.11ac variety is Wi-Fi certified & the drivers are examined by Microsoft & NSTL to make sure interoperability. In addition, Edimax has created planned partnerships with numerous chipset vendors. Edimax is even an active member of both Gigabit Ethernet Alliance & Wi-Fi Alliance.

Their mission is clear & simple: “Networking Individuals Together”. With years of experience in the networking industry, they are capable of delivering the best-in-class solutions to their worldwide customers & partners. They are dedicated to bringing the newest networking technologies to the client at the most reasonable cost. Not just they make products for the SOHO & SME markets and allow their channel partners to offer total networking solutions for big businesses. Their long-term business innovations & strategies have authorized their company to combine its status as a well-known value-adding & client-oriented company into the networking industry.

Product Range

Edimax’s extensive & broad product lines fulfill the connectivity requirements of any networking design or application for business & home. Their products are separated by their performance, value, & outstanding support. The total range of their products comprises network access controllers, wireless solutions, xDSL routers, print servers, PoE solutions, powerline solutions, Ethernet switches,  network cameras, load balancer solutions,  VoIP solutions, KVM switches, media converters, professional surveillance cameras, house entertainment integration solutions & other client-oriented networking products. Also, they provide the Edimax Pro high-performance array of enterprise solutions.


Edge-corE Networks Company is a fully owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Establishment, the top network ODM.  Edge-corE Networks offers wireless & wired networking products & solutions via channel partners & system integrators globally for enterprise, service provider, data center, and SMB clients.  Edgecore Networks is the forerunner in open networking offering a complete range of 10GbE, 1GbE, 25GbE, 50GbE, 40GbE, & 100GbE open & OCP switches which propose a choice of NOS & SDN software for telecommunications, plus enterprise network & data center, use cases.

the company slogan is “CHANGING THE WAY THE GLOBE BONDS”. Edgecore Networks provides converged, scalable, networking solutions to best meet various client requirements & targeting telecommunication service providers, data centers, enterprise & managed service providers.


The expansion of cloud computation & the Internet of Things, together with the growth of open-source communities & technologies, is converting how IT is delivered, developed, & used by consumers & businesses.

Edgecore Networks offers networking solutions in an environment of commercial partners & open-source communities, based upon open software & hardware platforms that boost freedom, choice, greater control, quicken & encourage innovation, lower TCO, & promote innovative business models.

Edgecore Networks delivers & develops industry-leading open networking software & hardware products for enterprises, managed service providers, data centers, & telecommunications service providers.

Edgecore Networks is a leader in the open networking ecosystem, providing total solutions to clients with an extensive set of partners.

Edge-corE Networks

It provides leading open network hardware, controlling silicon from leading sellers. It is a leading network provider to present open-source software communities as well as OCP, TIP, ONF, DENT & Microsoft Sonic.

This leading hardware network partner to present commercial software partners for SDN, NOS, NFV, & instrumentation. Develops value-added software functions for top open-software platforms. Supports & Delivers solutions via leading integrators, channel partners, and solution providers.

Headquartered in northern Taiwan in the Hsinchu Science Park, Edgecore Networks was launched in 2004 & officially spun-off in 2010 into an autonomous subsidiary liable for world-wide branded business since the Accton Technology Group with a worldwide presence in the UK, US, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, India & Indonesia.

The basic viewpoint of Edgecore Networks is to offer professional wireless & wired solutions from the core to the edge.  With a solid focus on full solutions that produce value for clients & assist with achieving the possibility of the digital-network culture, Edgecore Networks provides a wide product selection covering switching 100G/400G/10G/40G/GE, wireless enterprise-level, & network management devices.  They offer industry-leading commodities that tackle customers’ network needs in diverse market segments from core switches, data center switches, access switches, network infrastructure, & outdoor/indoor wireless access points.

They shape the Internet future by creating unparalleled value & opportunity for our clients, investors, employees, & ecosystem partners. They transform how individuals collaborate & communicate in this connected world.

Edgecore offers cell site gateways for implementation at cell sites else as foremost aggregation points for numerous cell sites, & deep buffer switches for accumulation in the mobile backhaul network. Over the past 7 years numerous significant contributions to OCP Networking Project.