Alfa Network

Alfa Network is a worldwide well-known company renowned for the manufacture of world-class Wi-Fi adapters. From the corporate world to the cyber world, they offer their clients world-class network Solutions.

Alfa Network is a powerful & complete device that allows amongst various features to reallocate a wireless connection to allocate it with all the wireless devices (tablets, smartphones, PCs, etc.).

ALFA Networks based in Taiwan manufactures network components. Particularly in the Wi-Fi field. ALFA Networks provides an extremely interesting & broad variety of products. The Wi-Fi components are branded by high compatibility through diverse operating systems, high functionality & great quality.

Setup Guide: Alfa Network as range extender

To utilize the Alfa Network router in combination with one of the stated Wi-Fi USB adapters it may be essential to execute an update of the firmware of the Alfa Network.

1) Connect the ALFA R36 to your notebook or PC through Ethernet network wire.

  • Hence just connect the Ethernet port of the PC immediately to the LAN connector of R36. It is fixed on the flipside near to power connector. The early configuration requires to be made through network wire. Next on the administration might even be done via Wi-Fi.

2) To the USB port of ALFA R36 Connect the Wi-Fi USB connector.

  • To verify if an update is required, just login into the admin panel of ALFA R36. Hence please launch a web browser of your preference & write in the address box the ALFA R36 IP-address. It is fixed as per standard:

Username & passkey are set as per standard on the below value.

  • Passkey: admin
  • Username: admin

There is no requirement for adaptation of the firmware type if the required version is installed already.

The firmware update works only if R36 is linked through a network LAN cable. The configuration later on the administration may even be made via Wi-Fi.

  • In the admin panel of R36 in “Firmware Update” now click on key “search”, select the file R36-ALFA-al-2.32.img that you have downloaded. Fix a tick on “Load Factory Defaults” then hit “Upload”. Now one more time you have to verify the firmware update. It may take around 5 minutes until the firmware gets updated & the device is again booted. At this time just do not cut off the power supply of the device. Once R36 is struck again you will quickly land again on the admin panel.

3) Now the R36 may be configured.

  • Hence just select the admin panel “Easy Setup” & then click “Wireless USB Adapter”.
  • Just hit now “Site Survey”.
  • Simply select here the network you wish to be attached with & then hit “Select”.
  • In case the Wi-Fi network you wish to link with is encoded, just write in the key of the Wi-Fi network in a passphrase in security style. If the Wi-Fi network is not encoded simply leave out the final step. Now hit “Next”.
  • Now the ALFA R36 is linked to the outside Wi-Fi network thru the attached Wi-Fi USB adapter.

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