Wireless Monitor Airlink101 is a software program built by Airlink 101. When being set up, the software adds a Windows Service that is created to run nonstop in the background. … Comparative to the general usage of customers who get this fixed on their PCs, most are operating Windows 7 (SP1) & Windows XP.

  • You need to do the below steps to access the Airlink101 AR695W:
  • Switch on the router.
  • Establish the connection between the router and the device through Wi-Fi* or network wire.
  • Starting web browser.
  • Write IP address into the address box & later approve with the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Write passkey into the open interface & once more confirm.

How to set up the Airlink router?

  • Login Airlink Router
  • To your Computer or Laptop Connect router cable. Instead, use the wireless network.
  • Visit the web browser of preference & write the IP address of your Airlink router into the address box. …
  • Now write the default username & passkey of your router by log on to the admin panel.

Airlink101 routers Default settings

Now you will notice the blends of username & password & IP address, which are most frequently used as the Airlink101 router’s default for accessing the user interface. However, you may notice the normal settings of each accessible router version from the constructer on this website. You just need to choose any of the versions.

Where to look for the brands name of your router?

Airlink101 routers the brand name of is mostly written on the label on the gadget. In many cases, you may find this sticker on the bottom or back of the case.

If you have an Airlink101 brand that is not above listed, simply call the manufacturer. They will try to help you in finding the missing info as early as possible.

User guides for Airlink101 routers

If you are doubtful about how to operate some settings you may verify the user guides for the Airlink101 router, simply find your exclusive router from the below list & you will even find the guidebooks for that model. They are continuously trying to expand the guidebook library for Airlink101 routers to make sure that you will find what you want. If few certain models are missing the handbook, just contact them and ask for it.

What specific Airlink101 model do you own?

To ascertain the Airlink101 router model you own, you may verify the label, which is mostly found on the rear of the router or underneath it.

The label mostly comprises the “MODEL” label along with the model number. If you need the exact version of the router the “P/N” number must comprise more information. While you have the number write it below to filter & know your model.

Use the links on this webpage for downloading the newest version of Airlink101 Wireless drivers of N USB Adapter. All available drivers for downloading have been inspected by the antivirus program. Just select the related version as per the computer’s operating system & hit the download key.

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