To access an ADSL router you need to enable the IP address If you want to use or access a wireless router so that it can make it possible by IP address code is a private IP address. For a specific purpose that IP address can be booked from IANA. IANA stands for Internet Assigned Number Authority. Sometimes users misunderstood the IP address and type L with respect to 1. They assumed L where the character is 1. So their user has to face various issues in connection.

Way of Login to

This is a very easy process to login to Go to the browser and put into a URL bar or put directly. You can simply type it either you can copy and then paste it on the browser URL bar. Then the system needs the Username and Password. Here the username and password are very compulsory to access it. That is available on the router.

If you enter the Wrong Password so what will the Next:

Some time we lost some information from our minds so in that case if you are using the wrong password then you are unable to access it. Here you have to reset the system before you again enter the password. You also need to press the button with the pinpoint needle for 10-15 seconds. After the device is reset then you are required to feed the fresh password.

If you don’t have the password then:

This is quite simple you have to pick up the default modem password for that. So don’t worry if you don’t have the password or you forget the password. You can use the default username and password which can easily available online.

Don’t see router administration interface then what you should do:

Sometimes it can be possible to do not find the router administration interface at So there is a probability to have configured the router using another IP address. If you are having a Wi-Fi connection so you should try to switch on a wired connection for ensuring no connectivity issue. It’s a very easy process and you can easily access the ADSL modem and you do not face any connectivity issue to use


If the error will occur after using the right username and Password then here can be a problem of the internet might be router not connect with the internet. Here you should have to follow the below steps:

  • Check the connection of the router with your computer or device via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • With the secure connection reboot the device. Then unplugging the modem and router. After a moment replug it. Wait for a minute and recheck it.
  • After disabling the firewall try again.
  • If those steps are not working then you should press the reset button of the router. And restart it after a few minutes.

This is a very simple process which you can use.

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