Introduction: is also an IP Address but this is a Private IP Address. This is registered by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). And this is also a part of this private network Usually, people have to use for the network or router. 

Setting and Configuration:

You can change these setting and configuration of the router that your router software provides by accessing your router admin, and you can access router admin through IP address. This can be done by entering into your browser’s address bar. If it doesn’t work that means it is not your IP address. You should know your IP address to access admin. If this is your IP then it will redirect you to user login panel where you have to provide your router user and password. 

How Can We Enter

It’s very simple to enter address. You will enter this address into browser URL Address. Then you are on the way to promoted to enter the Username and Password. 

If Forget the Username and Password:

It happens lots of the time that we forget the Username and Password. So in that situation, you need to reset the wireless router as well as an ADSL modem. When you will reset your router you can fix it again. Modern Router and the Modem have a one reset button which is in the hidden mode. So that button you need to press with the pen point or toothpick for 15 seconds. 

During this process, you will lose your connection. So it’s very simple but still if you have any issue so that you should go through your specific router’s manual guide.

One more process is there which a default Password is.

Default Username and Password

If you forget your password then you can choose a default username password process because every router has a default username and password. But if you do not change that username and password so you can find it out easily to look up your router.  

Select your router’s brand and go to the list of default username and password and try it for your router.

Many times, we forget our username and password. Then you can follow some instructions to recover them. If you haven’t changed your default user name and password then you can search router default user names and passwords lists. Once you can access router’s admin panel then only you can change or modify all internet settings. The most common routers user name is admin and password are also admin. You can try it or you can go for the factory reset of your router by pressing the reset button back to your routers. If there is any issue while accessing your router by then you can use another IP address like or or These are some other Private IP address by which you can access admin control. Both are a simple way if you forget username and password.

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