Every device in the network is having an identification number. The device can be identified in two ways. First, its physical address, and the second one is its IP address. A physical address is also called a MAC address. MAC is media access control and it’s a 48-bit address, it can be seen on every device like a computer or laptop. It’s a very unique number provided by the vendor of the machine. The second one i.e. IP address is the logical address of the machine. This address is 32-bit long and is used when the device is connected to the network. An IP address is used for the unique identification of the device in the network and it’s a dynamic address. An IP address is represented in dotted-decimal notation.

There are some special IP addresses used in the network. If the address is then this is called a loopback address. And loop-back address is used for the same machine.

What is is a 65,536 IP address that is using in broadband routers. That router is including various SMC and Belkin models. This is by default the IP address set by the manufacturer but it is possible to change. This is a Private IP address that is used for LAN (Local Area Network).

Every home broadband router has a default access point. Access points are also called IP addresses. In the early days, access points or IP addresses were set by models or brands. These specifications can be changed and any router or computer can be configured. Basically, IP addresses are used to identify any machine or system in the network.


You can log in to the router’s console using and for this, you have to browse To complete the login process browser will ask you for the administrator username and password when the connection established. This is all about the login process. But if you see an error message “This webpage is not available”, it means that the router gets disconnected from the network or it means your system is in offline mode.

Mostly IP address is used that enables the administrator to identify the device but a name can also be used in place of an IP address. This facility is provided by some internet service providers with their networking equipment.

Common Login Usernames and Passwords:

There are some common Login Username and Passwords which is using by various MNC like:

  • Belkin: Username- Admin or blank and Password- admin, password, blank
  • Ediimax: Username- admin, root, blank and Password: admin, password, 1234, epicrouter, root, Conexant, blank
  • TP-Link: Username- admin and Password: admin, password, blank
  • Siemens: Username- admin, blank and Password: admin, user, blank
  • SMC: Username- admin, SMC, smcadmin, cusadmin, blank and Password: smcadmin, blank

Restrictions on using

Well, here some restrictions are overusing Those restrictions make the network more secure. This is a private IPv4 network address so that no one can access this network locally without taking your permission. Even you also can’t use it from outside.  And another restriction is you can access the only a device at a time. Otherwise, the IP address will be in conflict.

Some more restrictions are being faced when we use It is an IPV4 network address, it means it requires 32 bits to identify any device IPV4. This is also a private address so you can not link any router that is not inside your home network. Many times, you need to change the default IP i.e. IP address, passwords, etc are called router’s specifications and these can be modified through Admin Console. IP settings and default local address can be changed via the administrator console.

How to check the default IP Address of your Router?:

Sometimes we don’t know about the IP Address of our router which we are using. So in this situation follow the below steps:

  1. Open DOS or Command Prompt on your PC. If you are using Window10 then search the command prompt in the search bar.
  2. Command prompt will look like “C:\Users\(your computer name)>” or something like this.
  3. After that type “ipconfig” and when you put this on the command prompt then you can see your IP configuration.
  4. Then you will get Default Gateway and you can find IP Address.


To go to administration control of the MODEM, open the browser and type in the address bar. Then after entering the correct user name and password you can access administrative control. But if the password is wrong then reset the device by pressing the reset button back to your device. It is very common to forget your username or password. And the case maybe you don’t know the default router’s setting. 

Password Recovery:

There are many ways to recover the password or username.

  • In a first way, you can go through the documentation given with your router. Carefully read the documents and you will find the default router’s username and password.
  • The second way is to scan the router’s database where all usernames and passwords are saved. There is an online list of default routers and passwords. You can easily search for them.
  • The third way is to reset your router for few seconds. If you press the reset button down for a long time you will enable factory reset. After this, you can log into the router using the default username and password.
  • Lastly, you can use universal plug-and-play (UPnP) for forwarding ports without knowing the password.

When we are using the Network at that time we have to trouble various issues because of less knowledge. But that can easily find out and easy to fix it. Sometimes people also don’t know how to troubleshoot the common Router Issues. So maybe their router is not connected to the network that’s why this issue has occurred.